Children five and under are invited to stay in childcare with our Nursery Attendant, Jane Fischer, and a lay nursery volunteer. Care is provided Sunday mornings from 7:55am-11:45am as well as during special services such as the early Christmas Eve service. If you have questions, please contact the nursery parent liaison, Heather Cummings.

The church nursery supplies some diapers, baby wipes, simple snacks such as “goldfish,” juice, toys, books, crayons, etc. There is also a bathroom equipped with a baby changing table and a toddler-sized potty.

When You Arrive At the Nursery … Please add your child’s name, age, and special needs to the white board. Please leave a diaper bag (ideally with the child’s name on it) and point it out to the Nursery Staff or a volunteer. Advise Nursery Staff whether or not your child needs a bottle and discuss any special needs your child may have. The Nursery Staff will give you a pager and write down the unit’s number next to your child’s name on the white board. This allows us to contact you during the service if needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For newcomers, adjusting to the Nursery program can be challenging. Separation anxiety peaks around 15 months of age. 1f your child is anxious, feel welcome to stay in the Nursery the first couple of times, allowing your child to feel more comfortable with the new environment. When you are comfortable leaving your child, pagers are used to reach you discreetly during the service if necessary.

Nursery Care After You Leave Your Child With Us … We will interact with your child as much as possible to ensure his/her happiness! If there are both babies and toddlers in the nursery at the same time, they may be separated into smaller playgroups. Toddlers often play in the playground area outside or across the hall with adult supervision. Snacks such as “goldfish” crackers and juice are available. If prolonged crying occurs, the Nursery Staff will find (or page) you in the church. Don’t forget to return the pager when you pick up your child!

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