Holistic Stewardship

Holistic: relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems.  

At St. Matthew’s, we strive to practice holistic stewardship, caring for ourselves, our property and environment, and our finances through the use of our time, talent, and treasure.  We work together as we strive to be Christian stewards of God’s creation, and of the other gifts and blessings that God has given us.

Pastoral Care

Eucharistic Visitors:  

Eucharistic Visitors offer consecrated elements as an extension of the Sunday Holy Eucharist to parishioners unable to attend services.  

Serve One Another: 

Serve One Another is an email list, maintained by the clergy. Members receive an email when parishioners need an extra hand. Most frequently, requests to the serve one another list ask for help with meals for sick or house bound parishioners. Occasionally, a member needs transportation to appointments, grocery shopping, yard or household help.  Recipients of the email respond when they are able to help with whatever service is being requested.  To join the Serve-One-Another email group, contact a member of the clergy at 919-732-9308 or send an email to lisa@stmatthewshillsborough.org.  

Shawl Ministry:  

This group meets on the first Saturday of each month to knit shawls, blankets, and scarves to share with people as a sign of God’s love.  

Care and Discernment Groups:

To nurture a deeper sense of God’s guiding and comforting presence in our personal lives and in our companionship with others, these small groups of five to eight members gather weekly for as many sessions as there are group members, in order that every member of the group might have an opportunity to share with the group a brief story drawn from personal experience and to receive the prayerful response of group members to that story. Each 75-minute session, led by two experienced facilitators, is carefully structured to allow time for prayer, silent reflection, story-telling, and response. Groups form throughout the year.

Property and Environment

Special Project Work Force: 

E-mail list of property volunteers who complete specific and time-limited tasks as needs arise and as their time allows.  To add your e-mail address to the list, speak with the Junior Warden.

Parish Workdays:  

The Caretaker and Junior Warden host seasonal workdays to enlist parishioners to assist with maintenance and improvement of the buildings and grounds.  

Caretaker of Buildings & Grounds: 

The routine care and maintenance of the buildings and grounds of St. Matthew’s, including the churchyard and the adjoining property associated with the Rectory, are under the supervision of the Caretaker.

Fine Arts & Furnishings Advisory Committee:  

This committee convenes as needed to advise the vestry about the suitability of gifts of fine art and furnishings, and under what conditions to accept those gifts.  

Parish History and Archives:  

Contact Elaine Druesedow, 919-732-9308.

Society of Junior Wardens:  

The Society of Jr. Wardens is made up of the current and former holders of the office of Jr. Warden.  They meet quarterly to advise on long range planning associated with the buildings and grounds.  

Financial Stewardship

Online Giving

Annual Giving

Legacy Giving

Stock Contribution

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The Finance Committee meets quarterly; reviewing the budget and advising the vestry about financial matters.

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for running the annual stewardship campaign.  The committee meets periodically, most frequently during the fall campaign. 

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