Worship and Spiritual Practice

We principally fulfill our worship core value by weekly Sunday Eucharist for the entire community in accordance with the Book of Common Prayer. We build our other core values with worship at the center: as we are fed on Sunday morning we are able to feed others.

We worship collectively on Sunday morning, and in small groups. We nourish the spirituality of each other and those in need through worship, education, and service to others. We also grow spiritually in smaller groups such as the group book study discussions and Care & Discernment Groups.

Our love of God is deepened by incorporating spiritual practices of prayer, contemplation, and scripture reading in our lives. Please nurture these practices as you consider the ways you offer your life to God in and through this parish. If you are interested in learning more about particular ways to participate in common worship, please contact the clergy at 919-732‐9308.

Many Hands: Many clergy, staff, and lay leaders are essential to worship activities at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church. We encourage everyone to learn more about the following opportunities and to participate wherever their interests lie.

Acolytes: Acolytes serve as cross and torch bearers in procession and as servers at the preparation of the altar for Eucharist. Youth in grades 6-12 are invited to serve as acolytes. Training is offered in early fall. Contact Kim Powell Cox at 919-732-9308 for more information.

Altar Guild: Members of the altar guild serve on rotating teams to prepare the altar for worship. 

Eucharistic Ministers: Eucharistic Ministers are licensed by the Bishop to assist in distributing communion during services. Contact Robert Fruehwirth+, 919-732-9308, for more information.

Music:  We draw on the creative musical talents of parishioners and others to enhance our worship.  Our music program is under the leadership of the Acting Director of Music & Organist, Dr. Jason A. Wright.

Readers: Lay readers are trained and scheduled to read scripture for worship services. Contact Bob Shelton, 336-282-3110; or Charles Thomas 919-489-8632 for more information.

Ushers: Ushers welcome and seat service attendees. Contact Bob Shelton, 336-282-3110; or Charles Thomas 919-489-8632 for more information.

Prayer Resources

Buddhist Loving Kindness Meditation adapted by Robert+ for his Julian Classes.

I share this following Dr. Vera Shanley’s offering of Loving Kindness meditation at the Tuesday meditation group

• Very simple ways of praying with Scripture offered by the Jesuits. Great to use with the Easter Gospels and with the lectionary readings for the week! 

• A very simple way of reflecting on your day before God, called the Daily Examen, also offered by the Jesuits. This is extraordinarily helpful in finding direction and meaning in disrupted times. 

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