Sunday Bulletins

We pray for all who are sick, or in any need or trouble, remembering especially the following members of our parish family: Mildred Pruessing, Lois Horn, Tom Vail, Molly Zaragoza, Jim Fesperman, Ann Burdette, Anne Weaver, Daisy Huffman, Tom Sinn, Champe Davis, Keyon Hutson, Andy & Barrie Wallace, Carol Parrent, Kathy Coward, Sandy McBride, Ed & Mary Ann Southern, Jim Burton, Nancy & Don Harris, Cheryl Thomas, and the family of Janice Stratton.   

We also prayer for those newly confirmed or received into the Communion of our church:  Zack Brooks, James Emmanuel, Jr., Ada Catherine Hays, Mac Hays, Madeline Liddicoat, Emmaline Phillips, Kevin Reese, Anita Salazar, and Jasmine Trinks.

And these others for whom our prayers are desired:  Betsy Zaragoza, Harry Dula, John Charton, Richard Haase, Chip Joyner, Jeannine Beardslee, Evelyne Accad, Amalia, Maddie Powers, Allie,  Karl & Janice Eicher, Coleman Sale, Boardman Lloyd, Bill, Andy, Drew, Sean Turnell, Joe Barnes, Millie Hinkle, Benny Whitted, Jayne Jackson, the Burdette family: Mary Beth, Joel, & Amy, Sandra Marks; Melanie Maupin, the Tuckers and Spurlocks, Doug and Robbie Harnish, Judy Hogberg, Kenan Wright,  Mike Morris, Reece, Harlon, Jim Hill, Donna, Anita Salazar and her family, Janet Case, Judy Dingfelder, Eduardo (Lugo), Jackie Sumner, Rob & Lois James, Viktor and Volodymyr Dmytryk, the family of Debbie Davis, the family of Ingrid Heizenroth, Jim Ward, Louise Kaemkerian, John Hougom, and Pastor Donald Holman. 

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