Sunday Bulletins

Prayer List

We pray for all who are sick, or in any need or trouble, remembering especially the following members of our parish family: Molly Zaragoza, Jim Fesperman, Rowen & Jan Grant, Bob Morgan, Ann Burdette, Anne Weaver, Daisy Huffman, Tom Sinn, Champe Davis, Keyon Hutson, Bob Snyder, Andy & Barrie Wallace, Patrick Craft, Laura Middlebrooks, and Sandra Poffenbarger.

We pray for those in our parish family unable to join us in worship: Jackie Fredericks, Mildred Pruessing, Katherine Nelson, Lois Horn, and Tom Vail.

And others for whom our prayers are desired: Melanie Maupin, Betsy Zaragoza, Gene & Lillian Thompson, Derek Kendall, Harry Dula, Mathew Thomas, Arnold Thomas, Gail Clifford, Dorothy Garton, Erin Vaughan, Bob Caldwell, Baylor Pisano, John Charton, Lucy Gradowski, Ken Foland, Savannah Fonvielle, Colleen Paisley, Colin & Jimena McNease, Ben Mueller, Richard Haase, Linda Saterfield, Chip Joyner, John Logan, the Spurlocks, the Tuckers, Anna Lawrence & Dan Bass, Fred Edoughs, Timothy, Gogi, Bob, the families of Charles Krigbaum and David Boe, Laura Merrill, Jeannine Beardslee, Brooke Harnisch & Dan Roberts, Amy, Evelyn Accad, Amalia, Maddie Powers, Joe & Pat McDonald, Allie, John & Rachel Hougom, and Richard Stevens.

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