Sunday Bulletins

We pray for all who are sick, or in any need or trouble, remembering especially the following members of our parish family: Mildred Pruessing, Lois Horn, Tom Vail, Molly Zaragoza, Jim Fesperman, Ann Burdette, Daisy Huffman, Champe Davis, Andy & Barrie Wallace, Carol Parrent, Kathy Coward, Sandy McBride, Hunter Taylor, Meyrick & Jennifer Peak, Jamie Huntington Meath, Christopher Charton, John Elstad and the family of Ann Kenney, Karen Heyda, Jill Hofler & family, and Sheila Mikhail.

We rejoice with those who celebrate: Elijah “Eli” Berry Huggins (grandson of Liz+ & Ben Dowling-Sendor).

And these others for whom our prayers are desired:  Betsy Zaragoza, Harry Dula, Knox Efland, Amy Bradley, the family of Elise Heyda, Maddie Powers, Melanie Maupin, the Tuckers and Spurlock families, Benny Whitted, , the family of James Faucette, Tom Roberts, Abbey Carlson, Emma Carlson, Debbie & Hailey Parente, Cemalnur Sargut, and Pastor Donald Holman, Jr. 

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