Sunday Bulletins

We pray for all who are sick, or in any need or trouble, remembering especially the following members of our parish family: Mildred Pruessing, Lois Horn, Tom Vail, Molly Zaragoza, Jim Fesperman, Ann Burdette, Daisy Huffman, Champe Davis, Andy & Barrie Wallace, Carol Parrent, Kathy Coward, Sandy McBride, Jennifer Peak and the family of Meyrick Peak, Sheila Mikhail, the family of Elise Heyda, Carl & Janet Edwards, Edward Wright, Viki Kaprielian, Don Harris, Dennis Hagerman;

And these others for whom our prayers are desired:  Betsy Zaragoza, Harry Dula, the family of Knox Efland, Maddie Powers, Melanie Maupin, the Tuckers and Spurlock families, Benny Whitted, Tom Roberts, Abbey Carlson, Emma Carlson, William, Will Griffin, the family of Nancy Sarazen, Marie Bass, Julie Petrow-Cohen, the family of Judy Bryan, and Pastor Donald Holman, Jr. 

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