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In Season 2: Community in the Church.

Amy and David discuss the early church as described in Acts Chapter 2, shortly after the Pentecost event. The verses discussed are Acts 2:37-47.

Season 1, we focused on Forms of Prayer from both the Anglican tradition and broader Christian traditions.

Music as a Spiritual Practice w/ David Arcus JULY 26, 2020

The Rosary w/ Fr Robert Fruehwirth JULY 19, 2020

Praying with Children w/ Kim Powell JULY 12, 2020

Ignatian Spirituality w/ Mo. Lisa Frost-Phillips JULY 05, 2020

Morning Prayer – Feast of Pauli Murray JULY 01, 2020

Evening Prayer – Feast of St Peter and St Paul JUNE 29, 2020

Prayer and Icons w/ Kim Powell JUNE 27, 2020

The Jesus Prayer with Fr Robert Fruehwirth JUNE 22, 2020

Morning Prayer – Monday, June 15, 2020 JUNE 15, 2020

Morning Prayer Rite II Explained JUNE 13, 2020

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