The Parish Archives

The Parish History and Archives Committee was established in the spring of 2011 to begin working “on the organization, preservation, and interpretation of our rich parish history.”

At its June 2011 meeting, the Vestry approved the Committee’s proposal to establish the Parish Archives; to include the official parish records and other supporting historical materials. The print documents, formerly stored in several locations, have been consolidated. Additionally, there is an electronic component to the Archives. An initial goal is to make official parish records from 2000 forward stored and made accessible to church members electronically.

The “interpretation” part of the committee’s mission includes research for occasional events and presentations on topics related to parish history offered on Heritage Days or as part of special series for Adult Forum. Let us know of your interest in joining in the exploration of some special topic areas—such as the history St. Matthew’s and St. Mary’s Chapel, early Hillsborough, first vestry members and early families, women of the church, the church buildings and their furnishings, the Churchyard, etc.

Anyone in the parish with print materials or electronic documents related to the history of St. Matthew’s and suitable for inclusion in the Parish Archives, is invited to speak with the Parish Archivist, Elaine Druesedow, or send an e-mail to the Committee’s e-mail address, shown below. Envelopes are available in the parish office to hold materials to be loaned for scanning and copying or donated as permanent gifts.

Members of the committee include: Allen Cronenberg, Elaine Druesedow, Bob Ireland, Ed Southern, and Becki Horne. Suzanne Maupin provides technical support. Our email address is Let us hear from you!

The Parish Archives — Brief List of Contents

(as of early 2013)

Parish Registers
Service Bulletins
Parochial Reports
Rectors’ Papers
Vestry Minute Books / Vestry Meeting Records
Annual Meeting & Vestry Election Records
Ladies Sewing Society Minute Books
Women’s Guild/Churchyard Society Records / ECW Records
Memorials and Gifts / Bequests and Wills
Records & History of St. Mary’s Chapel
History of Saint Matthew’s
Social Ministries / Outreach Records
Oral Histories / Interviews
Selected drawings and photographs of the parish buildings and their furnishings
Architectural plans of the church and churchyard

Using the Parish Archives

To view materials from the archives (or to obtain electronic copies of selected files), please contact Elaine Druesedow via email at

The Archives are open most Monday mornings, or by appointment. Electronic files can be accessed from the Ruffin House with a computer laptop (or from the office workroom).

Please request login details.

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