Financial Giving Programs

Annual Giving  

St. Matthew’s mounts an annual campaign in the fall of the year to ask parishioners for funds to support the following year’s operational budget.  The budget is composed of two parts; core expenses (people, program, and property expenses required to “keep the lights on”) and and discretionary expenses (all of the extras, like outreach and increased program support).

Legacy Giving  

Legacy Giving is support that ensures St. Matthew’s continuation  into the future. These non-operational gifts provide the foundation for future generations to worship and celebrate God at St. Matthew’s.  

Designated Gifts

Designated gifts are non-budgeted funds given for a specific purpose. At St. Matthew’s, gifts may be designated for such things as future building and development (3rd Century), altar flowers, memorials, Faith and Arts, the churchyard, the choir or music program, FeST, the youth program, stained glass windows maintenance, and other areas.  

Rector’s Discretionary Fund

On the first Sunday of each month, those funds collected in the offering plates which are not designated as pledged funds are added to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. The Rector and Associate Rector draw from these funds to respond to specific requests for assistance from parishioners and others in the community.

Information about Contributions made in the form of Stock Transfers  

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