COVID-19 News and Updates

As we all adjust to life under the COVID-19 pandemic, I have taken some time to think about what St. Matthew’s is called to be at this time. We are called to nourish, care, and empower.

1. NOURISH the parish with sound spiritual teaching and social connection. The spiritual teaching teaching will help us to get below the anxiety of these times and grow in our faith. Times of disruption can be the best times to deepen our faith. We have to dig down to discover what is really true for us and commit to that.

2. CARE  for one another in our basic needs, within the parish and out in the local community. This will include running errands and buying essentials for our vulnerable members. It will include putting the church at the service of local service groups who need our help, financial and otherwise.

3. EMPOWER people in our parish who want to help by organizing in-reach efforts in the parish and directing people to local agencies needing their assistance. It’s also possible that we will have parish-wide drives.

–Robert Fruehwirth

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