Adult Bible Study

The St. Matthew’s Bible Study group welcomes everyone to participate in learning more about the books of the Bible. The group meets each Sunday morning at 9:15 in the Graebner Room in the Ruffin House. Led by Jack Troxell and Charles Thomas, who are NON-scholars, the group urges everyone to participate in an open discussion of the book under study. Through the use of historical and archaeological sources as well as various translations of the Bible and interpretations and commentaries from real Bible scholars the class aim is to gain a better understanding of what the book said to the ancient Hebrews, to 1st Century Christians, and to us today. There are no “experts” in the class.  Each member brings his or her own personal interpretation/understanding to help all gain more insight into God’s word for us. Open, honest discussion by all is encouraged. The class is open to attend at will for one Sunday or more. Missed classes don’t affect your understanding of the materials. It is designed to be fun as well as informative.  

The Adult Bible Study meets in the Graebner Room at 9:15 a.m. during the program year. They are currently studying 1 & 2 Peter. 

All are welcome.

–Jack Troxell & Charles Thomas

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