Parish Administration

Parish Administrator: The Parish Administrator oversees the general operations and communications of the parish, including the production of the weekly bulletin, special mailings, and the ordering of supplies. She is regularly in the office every week day between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Contact Sonja Tilley, 919-732-9308.

Vestry: The vestry is the governing body of the parish and is comprised of nine members elected by the congregation. Each year at the annual meeting a class of three new members is elected to serve three years. Vestry meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. Each year, each member of the vestry is assigned to shepherd one of St. Matthew’s eight core value areas, helping to ensure that all these values are clearly expressed, receive appropriate support, and serve the well-being of the parish and community. The vestry member becomes the liaison for their assigned core value area, reporting periodically to the vestry at a monthly vestry meeting. The Senior Warden is assigned to fill the same role with Administration and Finance. Confirmed parishioners interested in being nominated for vestry service should speak with any currently serving vestry member. Scroll down to view a list of the current vestry with their assigned core value areas.

St. Matthew’s Vestry Covenant as We Work Together as the Body of Christ

On June 7, 2018 the Vestry had a retreat and agreed on the following tenets that would characterize our working relations. Here they are: 

  • We will keep Christ at the center of all we do.
  • We will be respectful of all as children of God, even those with whom we disagree.
  • When we disagree, we will do so with honesty, respect and civility.
  • We will speak only for ourselves, using “I” language.
  • We will focus on issues, not personalities.
  • We will refrain from side-bar conversations or cross-talking.
  • When the meeting is over, we will present a unified team—even if we disagree within the meeting.
  • We will not engage in triangulation, but talk to the appropriate persons with whom we need to clarify issues.

We wanted to share this covenant with you. We are a strong team and each of us feel it is a privilege to serve this parish. 

–Marion Youngblood, Senior Warden, 2018

Vestry and Officers

Class of 2022:
Maria Costello (Education)
Vera Shanley (Pastoral Care)
Sonja Tilley (Worship & Spiritual Practice)

Class of 2023:
Elizabeth Hays (Senior Warden)
Steve Hutson (Social Outreach)
Blythe Thompson (Junior Warden)

Class of 2024:
Lindsay Efland (Fellowship & Hospitality)
Madeline Liddicoat (Holistic Stewardship)
Edward Wright (Faith & Arts)

Treasurer: Dorothy Wood
Clerk: Mary Ann Plambeck

Office Support Volunteers: These volunteers assist the Parish Administrator with office tasks such as folding bulletins and preparing the newsletter for mailing. Contact Sonja Tilley, 919-732-9308.

Newsletter: St. Matthew’s Life is published monthly. Submissions are due by the 15th of each month to Mary Rocap at

The Sunday Bulletin: The weekly bulletin contains the Order of Service in addition to information about upcoming parish events. Information to be included in the bulletin is due in the Parish Office by Wednesday morning. Contact Sonja Tilley, 919-732-9308 or

Personnel Committee: This committee meets monthly and administers the annual mutual ministry review of St. Matthew’s staff members.

Parish Annual Meeting: The parish annual meeting is held between Sunday morning worship services on a Sunday in February each year. The first order of business during the meeting is election of three new vestry members to replace the three members who are coming to the end of their three years of vestry service. All parishioners are encouraged to attend the annual meeting to hear parish staff, officers, committee chairs, and other church leaders report on the past year’s activities in their respective areas. An annual report for the parish, prepared by various church leaders, is distributed to meeting attendees. 

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